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Dr. Said Almazroui Award

Said Almazroui Award 2021.jpg

I am Dr. Sultan Al Azmi, PGY 5 in the Kuwaiti Board of Emergency Medicine. During my residency, I had the chance to be involved in multiple research projects in the field of toxicology including Creation of National

Database for industrial pesticides whic gained alot of popularity among local emeregncy  physicians


Currently working with Dr. Aloumy in research about Methanol Toxicity.


I am also interested in the interpreation of ECGs in the emergency department esp in those with toxic overdose cases


Dr. Al-Azmi was awarded best resident of the year in KBEM in 2020.


I came to find it to be my true passion. I am aspiring to do a fellowship in toxicology in the near future as a mean to participate effectively in the upcoming project of establishing a poison center in my country.

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